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Meet the faces behind YOUR HOME

We are a team with great sensitivity, we believe in building networks of work and trust. We also firmly believe in service excellence as the key to our growth and that of our clients. 

Our brand works every day so that attributes such as respect, commitment and empathy create a unique service with high added value for the user. Our know-how and feeling have given us the fruit of earning the trust of our clients and collaborators. It is very gratifying that you recommend us and for that we are very grateful. The commitment multiplies!

See and celebrate with those who choose us, get involved in each project that is presented to us, assume the commitment and accompany the decisions hand in hand with our partners, who are our clients. They are the principles and pillars that motivate us, as women, as sisters, and as businesswomen and partners, to work side by side with those who choose us.  

We are Valeria, Romina and Carina Axelrad and our project is TuHome - Real Estate Personal Shopper

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