• Valeria Axelrad

Live a conscious Christmas

Sometimes Christmas can be stressful, and especially because we enter into a loop of rushing, excesses, and above all, a lot of consumption. Hasn't it happened to you to have that feeling of exhaustion a few days after starting December? The children at home, a thousand plans before the end of the year, hangouts, invisible friends, gifts, trips?... and a long etcetera. We take ideas and advice to live a Christmas in a conscious and sustainable way.

Let's not throw food, let's plan and practice the kitchen of use.

We know very well that if there is something that characterizes Christmas, it is excesses, and food is no exception. We gather around the table, to get together and to eat a lot. Let's try once again to plan, making shopping lists, avoid "just in case", bet on local stores and products and for the days

following the holidays, let us practice the


Electrical consumtion

With the increase in consumption typical of dates, the use of LED lights can be a good idea… and let's not forget to unplug appliances and lights every night.

Let's take advantage of the holidays to get rid of things and lighten our house (and mind!)

The Christmas holidays can be a good time to review all those spaces where we tend to accumulate a multitude of things, and that during the day to day we do not have time. So here goes our advice: check your cupboards, drawers, books, magazines, children's room, their toys...etc. I think it is a great exercise for us and for the little ones, because they understand that they must get rid of things, that for something "new" to come in, something must come out, and to practice detachment and the feeling of also sharing with others. objects that we are not using. Being part of a human chain passing us clothes, toys, books... is a beautiful -and necessary- feeling to always promote!

Let's give away experiences, second-hand objects and consume with our heads.

For children who have and want EVERYTHING, do you know the rule of 4 gifts? The idea is to avoid the syndrome of hyper-gifted children, children who find it more difficult to value things in their proper measure. The 4 gifts would be:

  • A gift that can be worn/used (clothes or accessories)

  • A gift that is something they need (practical)

  • A gift related to reading (book/comic, etc.)

  • A gift that they have requested, something that makes them very excitedn regalo que sirva para llevar/usar (ropa o complementos)

Since we all have everything, how about giving something second-hand as a gift? it is a way to extend the life of things (and generate less impact!).

Finally, giving away experiences, intangible things, is a very good option: courses, time, plans, a meal, a snack at home, a picnic in the countryside, a getaway, a massage, anything goes. What we live is what makes us richer.

Let's wrap gifts sustainably

Huge amounts of wrapping paper, cardboard and all kinds of materials are used to wrap our Christmas details... let's reuse, or create new ways of wrapping! The furoshiki, a centuries-old technique that was born in Japan to wrap objects with cloth, can be an excellent option.

Ideas to live a Christmas in a more conscious way.